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January 2016 Dividend Update

Two Purchases for January 2016 (Amgen and 3M)

During the month, I made another purchase of Amgen (AMGN).  It seemed to be a good time to buy and it starts me on the way to expanding the number of holdings in the healthcare sector.  I discuss my original September purchase in this article, and my January purchase was made for the same basic reasons, though at a slightly higher price.

On 01/11/16, I purchased AMGN at $144.50 and 2.77% yield.  AMGN was brought up to 2.79% NAV weight and 1.89% dividend weight.  I want to cap this stock’s allocation at about 3%, so I don’t have room to add much more.  Should the price drop significantly, I will consider one more purchase. Continue reading →

Well, here we go…

So begins my venture into creating a blog.  In recent years, my financial side of life has been focused on dividend growth investing.  I find that documenting my thoughts helps to clarify things for me.  I have numerous notes and books on the subject that I review from time to time.  I finally decided that as long as I’m spending time pecking away on the keyboard,  I might as well put some of it out there.  Perhaps someone will find it useful and/or use it as a springboard for comments and discussion.

Outside of a focus on dividend investing, I truly have little idea as to what I will choose to use as content.  I’ll be playing it by ear.  What I’ve created so far is limited to the “About” section of the blog.  I’ll be giving some thought to my next post, though I don’t know yet how often the posts will come.  Should you find yourself feeling inquisitive along the way, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.

I’m not an expert and won’t ever pretend to be.  It will generally just be me talking about my adventures with dividend growth stocks.  One of my goals is to get my wife more involved in the process of investing.  Hopefully I can muster enough content to catch her interest while she peruses the web on her iPad.  We shall see.  Welcome to my blog!