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January 2016 Dividend Update

Two Purchases for January 2016 (Amgen and 3M)

During the month, I made another purchase of Amgen (AMGN).  It seemed to be a good time to buy and it starts me on the way to expanding the number of holdings in the healthcare sector.  I discuss my original September purchase in this article, and my January purchase was made for the same basic reasons, though at a slightly higher price.

On 01/11/16, I purchased AMGN at $144.50 and 2.77% yield.  AMGN was brought up to 2.79% NAV weight and 1.89% dividend weight.  I want to cap this stock’s allocation at about 3%, so I don’t have room to add much more.  Should the price drop significantly, I will consider one more purchase. Continue reading →